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All Customers to Ecycle Bicycles will be required to fill out a Ecycle Bicycle Waiver Form before you start. Customers hiring Bicycles will need to leave credit or debit card information in the event of extra charges occurring.


Please read through the Queensland Road Rules before you ride!


In the event of a bicycle or equipment being lost, stolen, or damaged, charges are as follows:


Bicycle $300


Broken wheel $(repair or replacement cost).


Helmet $40


Lock or key $10.


Scooter $100


Cleaning fee $25 per bike.


Penalty fee of $100 per bike if ridden on the beach.


For any reason you leave the bicycle unattended it must be secured with the lock through the frame to an unmoveable object.


If the lessee losses a key to the lock. They must return to Ecycle Bicycles. Where they will be given another key. A charge of $10 will be applicable for replacement key.


Lessee agrees to pay for all damage of rented bicycle(s). Charges will be paid for with customers credit or debit card.


The owners, management and staff of Ecycle Bicycles Hire reserves the right to refuse, cancel or stop any hire at any time without a refund if a person does not adhere to these rules, or is negligent, remiss, not confident or a potential danger to themselves, other persons or property.