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As a bicycle rider, you are riding a “legal” vehicle. You have the same rights and responsibilities as any other vehicle on the road. As such, cyclists are required to obey the road rules, including stopping at red lights or Stop signs, Giving Way as indicated by signage and giving hand signals when changing direction.


Queensland road rules applying to cyclists include:


All riders must wear a helmet, which is provided by the lessor. Alternatively, their own helmet. Police will fine cyclists who ride without a helmet.


Cyclists are not permitted to double a passenger unless the bicycle can properly carry a second person, i.e. a tandem bicycle or a child seat.


Night cycling is not permitted as the bicycles are not fitted with lights.

Cyclists can ride in bus, transit, and bicycle lanes.


In Queensland, cyclists can ride on footpaths (unless prohibited by a sign) but must keep left and give way to pedestrians.


Cyclists can ride two abreast but must remain within 1.5m of each other.


While riding on roads, cyclists are required to use bicycle lanes where provided unless impractical to do so.


Obey all traffic lights. Cyclists can ride on the shoulder or traffic lane.


Cyclists can overtake other vehicles on the left unless they are signalling and turning left.


Cyclists must dismount and walk across pedestrian crossings and signed crossings.


Cyclists can turn right from either the right- or left-hand lane of a multi-lane roundabout as they are changing lanes.


Cyclists can make hook turns at an intersection.


For further information in Queensland, please call the State Cycle and Pedestrian Area on (07) 3253 4386, or visit their website tmr.qld.gov.au/cycling