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I ​                                                              explicitly declare I have read and agreed to the following waiver conditions outlined below.

It is expressly understood and agreed between the parties:

1. Lessees agree they are 18 years or older. And can operate a bicycle(s).


2. Lessees agree that they are not under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs.


3. Lessees agree that no alcohol or illicit drugs will be consumed during the hiring times.


4. Lessees 18 years and over will be responsible for the safety of any minors that are in their care. Lessees agrees that minors in their care must obey the same road rules and conditions of waiver.


5. The lessee (you the customer) agrees to pay for all damages to the bicycle(s) and or equipment during the hire period and agrees to pay all repair and replacement cost. Lessee authorises Ecycle Bicycles to charge lessee credit or debit card for any fees or charges.


6. The lessee agrees that they are fully responsible for the losses if the bicycle(s) and or equipment is lost, stolen, or destroyed.  Charges laid out on web site.


7. If applicable a cleaning fee of $50 will be charged if the bicycle(s) are ridden on the beach.


8. When leaving the bicycle(s) unattended they must be secured with lock provided. The lock must be put through the frame of the bike to an unmovable object. Bicycle(s) while locked must not obstruct any public walkway or traffic.


9. If lock(s) keys are lost. The lessee is responsible for returning to Ecycle Bicycles at their own expense. A new key will be issued at a charge of $10 for replacement.


10. All riders must wear approved helmet which is provided by Ecycle Bicycles. Or lessee can choose to bring their own.


11. Lessee must inspect the bicycle(s) and equipment before the completion of the rental agreement. Lessee confirms that the bicycle(s) is in a good road worthy condition and there is no damage or defects.


12. If Bicycle(s) are leased overnight. Night cycling is not permitted. Bicycles are not fitted with lights.


13. If Bicycle(s) are not returned at agreed time, lessee will be charged an extra hour for each bicycle(s).


14. Lessee agrees that the bicycle(s) will not be ridden by anyone except for the persons named on the hire agreement.


15. Lessee agree to comply with the Queensland road rules.


16. Lessees will notify Ecycle Bicycle's immediately if there is any accident or damage to bicycle(s) equipment, or public property.


17. Lessees agrees that baby and child equipment is safe and road worthy. And there is no damage or defects.


18. Lessee agrees that any damage caused to public property by bicycle(s) is the sole responsibility of the lessee. Lessee(s) must inform Moreton Bay Regional Council ASAP as to the damage.


19. In the event of an accident and the lessee or member of lessee’s party is unable to ride but does not need emergency attention. A taxi or Uber will be provided at no charge for lessee and bicycle to be returned to Ecycle Bicycles.


20. In the event of an accident and emergency services are needed call 000 first.


21. Lessees agrees to advise of any medical conditions including heart disease, stroke, or diabetes.





Queensland Road Rules and COVID 19 Response:

Under Queensland law you are riding a ‘Legal’ vehicle. You have the same rights and responsibilities as any other vehicle on the road. So, you are required to obey the road rules, including stopping at red lights or stop signs. Give way when indicated by signage and give hand signals when changing lanes.

Queensland road rules states:


All cyclists are required by law to wear an approved helmet. The law enforcement will fine any cyclists who ride without an approved helmet.


Cycles can ride in bus, transit, and bicycle lanes.


In Queensland cyclists can ride on footpaths unless prohibited by sign but must keep left and give way to pedestrians.


Everyone while including cyclists must always remain 1.5 metres apart from each other.

Thank you. Your waiver has been successfully submitted!

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